Machine Learning Model Over Docker Container

yum install docker-ce --nobest -y
#Will start docker services.
systemctl start docker
#Will make docker service permanent.
systemctl enable docker
docker run -it --name ml_model centos:latest
  • Python Software
yum install python3 -y
  • sklearn python library
pip3 install sklearn
  • pandas python library
pip3 install pandas
docker cp Salary_Data.csv c329c7e0d63c:/ml_ws
docker cp /home/(name)/(folder_name)/(file_name) (container_id):/(to_the_place_you_want_the_file_to_be)
docker pull rahul079/sklearn_centos:v1
docker run -it --name model_ml rahul079/sklearn_centos:v1
cd ml_ws/



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Rahulkumar Choudhary

Rahulkumar Choudhary

2x Red Hat Certified Engineer | Aspiring MLOps & DevOps Engineer | Terraform | Ansible | Jenkins | AWS • GCP • Azure | OpenShift | Kubernetes | Docker | BigData